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English-Hindi > jack frost

jack frost meaning in Hindi

jack frost sentence in Hindi
मूर्तिमान कोहरा
jack    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
frost    तुषार पाला ठंढ
1.Jack Frost, general manager of Brunswick Matador Bowl, felt the same way.

2.He also produced the albums by Hex, Curious Yellow and Jack Frost.

3.UNDATED-Why'd they turn Dad into a snowman in " Jack Frost "?

4.Jack Frost was seemingly killed in the collapse of his ice domain.

5.Kia Shine is a co-CEO with rapper Jack Frost of Rap Hustlaz.

6.He plays it and suddenly, Jack Frost is nipping at his toes.

7.In the energy-conscious 21st century, though, Jack Frost is persona non grata.

8.The gypsies flash, the fairies are ethereal, Jack Frost makes you shiver.

9.Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a comrade of Modesto's Jack Frost Ice Service.

10.Its corporate mascot is the " Shin Megami Tensei " demon Jack Frost.

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