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jack fruit sentence in Hindi

"jack fruit" meaning in Hindijack fruit in a sentence
  • It is often described as " green jack fruit sweet stew ".
  • Vegakkollai village is surrounded with cashew nut forests and jack fruit trees.
  • Ukkadam has a jack fruit market and an old book market.
  • Aronda is famous for Coconut cashew nuts, mangoes, jack fruit, Kokum, and rice.
  • Banana & Jack fruit plays a main role in the City.
  • Alphonso mangos, cashew Nuts, jack fruit & coconuts are grown commercially in this area.
  • Khanun means " jack fruit " in Thai.
  • He has just learned that a jack fruit has fallen over the roof of his house.
  • It also has large number of other trees such as " Rambutan " and Jack fruit.
  • Jack fruit is also known as'Plakka '.
  • The banana is one of three fruits with this significance, the others being mango and jack fruit.
  • These masks are usually made out of saprophyte, jack fruit tree, Alstonia scholaris, Hog Plum tree or the Coral tree.
  • The wood of kadambu, maruthu, jack fruit, and aanjili trees are preferred ( See List of Indian timber trees ).
  • Teak, chestnut, sweet chestnut, lacquer trees, Cassia siamea, magnolia, mango, jack fruit, guava trees, bananas, lychee, green tea and oranges are grown.
  • Lee has also created several sweet desserts such as featherlight jack fruit fritter, espresso cream brulee with spiced red wine tea and dumpling.
  • The village used to have paddy fields, pineapples, Mango grooves, Jack fruit trees and some native fruit bearing trees unique to the area.
  • Gudeg is made from young unripe jack fruit ( nangka muda " ) boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk.
  • He began planting avocado, mango, lychee and coconut trees a few years ago and has ordered jack fruit, sapodilla, sugar apple and longan trees.
  • Trees of jack fruit and mango are distributed across the block, and Avla, Black plum, Guava, Papaya trees are also available in large number.
  • On Thursday, about 1, 600 macaque monkeys were being fed bananas and pig feed pellets at the farm under mango, coconut and jack fruit trees.
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