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English-Hindi > jack fruit

jack fruit meaning in Hindi

jack fruit sentence in Hindi

jack    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
fruit    फल संतति सन्तान
1.It is often described as " green jack fruit sweet stew ".

2.Vegakkollai village is surrounded with cashew nut forests and jack fruit trees.

3.Ukkadam has a jack fruit market and an old book market.

4.Aronda is famous for Coconut cashew nuts, mangoes, jack fruit, Kokum, and rice.

5.Banana & Jack fruit plays a main role in the City.

6.Alphonso mangos, cashew Nuts, jack fruit & coconuts are grown commercially in this area.

7.Khanun means " jack fruit " in Thai.

8.He has just learned that a jack fruit has fallen over the roof of his house.

9.It also has large number of other trees such as " Rambutan " and Jack fruit.

10.Jack fruit is also known as'Plakka '.

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