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jack hammer sentence in Hindi

"jack hammer" meaning in Hindijack hammer in a sentence
  • Outside, Wheeljack's ship, the Jack Hammer is shot down by Starscream.
  • He also played drums and sang with South African rock band Jack Hammer.
  • The task involved cracking a hole in granite using a jack hammer, shovel and pick.
  • Common applications included rock drills and jack hammers.
  • As the jack hammers they were using had little effect, they reverted to using low-impact charges.
  • The pounding of jack hammers and wrecking balls are a constant backdrop, not the wail of sirens.
  • Jack Hammer performed in the Broadway production of " Bubblin'Brown Sugar " from February 1976 to December 1977.
  • Singer Jack Hammer, who co-wrote several songs including " Great Balls of Fire ", also performed with the group.
  • Am impact drill not only spins, but also punches, like a jack hammer, but with a lot less volience.
  • "Return to Sender " was written with Winfield Scott and " Great Balls of Fire " with Jack Hammer.
  • Jack Hammer then wrote the English version of a song by Baron " Cabot " which renamed " Perfume ".
  • Wholesalers such as Jack Hammer, Wild West and Cotati buy the pickers'harvest, grade and wash it, and ship it abroad.
  • The first part of his mission is to find the missing scientist Dr . Jack Hammer who worked on the nuke.
  • Conservators detected some serious bone damage at those contact points, some of it caused by jack hammers while the museum was being renovated.
  • Former hostage Julio Aguilar, a jack hammer operator, told a local radio station that some 15 to 20 guerrillas participated in the raid.
  • He gazed out the window, where the sights he described so vividly have been replaced by the sounds of jack hammers and backhoes.
  • In 1960, he recorded an LP, " Rebellion-Jack Hammer Sings and Reads Songs and Poems of the Beat Generation ", for the Warwick label.
  • Speakers who do show up have to shout above traffic and jack hammers from nearby construction sites in an often futile attempt to be heard.
  • Israeli building inspectors with jack hammers demolished the second floor of a Palestinian home Tuesday in Jerusalem's walled Old City, saying it was built without a permit.
  • Calderwood and Bartholomew work for Jack Hammer Ltd ., a Seattle retailer-wholesaler of vintage clothing that is among a growing number of local used and vintage apparel exporters.
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