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English-Hindi > jack hammer

jack hammer meaning in Hindi

jack hammer sentence in Hindi

जैक हैमर
jack    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
hammer    दिमाग में गड़ा
1.Outside, Wheeljack's ship, the Jack Hammer is shot down by Starscream.

2.He also played drums and sang with South African rock band Jack Hammer.

3.The task involved cracking a hole in granite using a jack hammer, shovel and pick.

4.Common applications included rock drills and jack hammers.

5.As the jack hammers they were using had little effect, they reverted to using low-impact charges.

6.The pounding of jack hammers and wrecking balls are a constant backdrop, not the wail of sirens.

7.Jack Hammer performed in the Broadway production of " Bubblin'Brown Sugar " from February 1976 to December 1977.

8.Singer Jack Hammer, who co-wrote several songs including " Great Balls of Fire ", also performed with the group.

9.Am impact drill not only spins, but also punches, like a jack hammer, but with a lot less volience.

10."Return to Sender " was written with Winfield Scott and " Great Balls of Fire " with Jack Hammer.

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