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English-Hindi > jack in

jack in meaning in Hindi

jack in sentence in Hindi
छोड़् देना
jack    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
in    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
1.The securities commission calls Jack in on his day off for questioning.

2.But for consistent hilarity, none rivals the Jack in the Box campaign.

3.He and Antonio Celestino formed the DJ duo Acid Jacks in 2004.

4.When Jack uncovers her, an enraged Patty shoots Jack in the stomach.

5.Connor arrived unaccompanied on the Merry Jacks in 1749 with Edward Cornwallis.

6.He has recently filmed regional commercials for Jack in the Box restaurants.

7.Students might never plug a phone into the jack in their room.

8.The winner of the end delivers the Jack in the next end.

9.The first Jack in the Box opened in 1951 in San Diego.

10."In bed by Letterman, " says Jack in describing his evening routine.

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