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jack screw sentence in Hindi

"jack screw" meaning in Hindi  
  • The design of the jack screw may also be an issue.
  • So the plane, an MD-82, went back out with the same jack screw assembly.
  • The horizontal stabilizer used a jack screw for trim adjustment.
  • The Romeo uses jack screws on the main caps and the Windsor uses dowels.
  • These springs have jack bolts ( also called jack screws ) for quick pressure adjustments.
  • The significance of the jack screw irregularities found by the airlines in the last few days remains unknown.
  • The hearings are also expected to consider whether there may not have been enough grease on the jack screw.
  • Most cases use threaded brass standoffs ( Jack Screw Standoffs ) for attaching the motherboard to the case chassis.
  • Afterward, Wallace's roof height was found to be three-sixteenths of an inch too low, caused by a damaged jack screw.
  • And when the Navy recovered the jack screw and nut from the waters off Los Angeles, the screw was partly stripped.
  • Nelson displayed a rear jack screw and spring plate assembly, generally used to raise and lower the car during pit stops.
  • It is moved on its hinge by a jack screw, similar to the long, thick screw that raises or lowers a garage door.
  • When used to fasten cable connectors ( i . e . " D " connectors ) together, they are called " jack screws ".
  • He also rigged jack screws with shear pins that broke easily and lowered the car, much like the device Tony Furr was caught using this week.
  • When the jack screw on the plane that crashed was last tested, in September 1997, it was recorded as being at the limit of allowable wear.
  • Scott said investigators were also examining the jack screws that raise and lower the wing flaps, but he said nothing had been ruled out as a potential cause.
  • Investigators found that the plane's jack screw _ a threaded piece of metal that moved the horizontal section of the tail up and down _ had been stripped.
  • The sliding latch was intended to be quicker to engage and disengage and to work in places where jack screws could not be used for reasons of component shape.
  • The airline had flown MD-80s since 1985, without having to replace any jack screws, but between June 1999, and the time of the crash, the following January, three required replacement.
  • Winston Cup director Gary Nelson, who oversees NASCAR's technical staff, displayed a rear jack screw and spring plate assembly, generally used to raise and lower the car during pit stops.
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