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English-Hindi > jack screw

jack screw meaning in Hindi

jack screw sentence in Hindi

जैक पेंच
जैक पेच
jack    छोटी सफ़ेद गेंद
screw    खपची जेलर ढक्कन
1.The design of the jack screw may also be an issue.

2.So the plane, an MD-82, went back out with the same jack screw assembly.

3.The horizontal stabilizer used a jack screw for trim adjustment.

4.The Romeo uses jack screws on the main caps and the Windsor uses dowels.

5.These springs have jack bolts ( also called jack screws ) for quick pressure adjustments.

6.The significance of the jack screw irregularities found by the airlines in the last few days remains unknown.

7.The hearings are also expected to consider whether there may not have been enough grease on the jack screw.

8.Most cases use threaded brass standoffs ( Jack Screw Standoffs ) for attaching the motherboard to the case chassis.

9.Afterward, Wallace's roof height was found to be three-sixteenths of an inch too low, caused by a damaged jack screw.

10.And when the Navy recovered the jack screw and nut from the waters off Los Angeles, the screw was partly stripped.

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