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jack staff sentence in Hindi

"jack staff" meaning in Hindi  
  • A form of mutual respect existed between Jack Staff and Kapitan Kreig.
  • Jack Staff's destined role is to keep Becky alive until she can become the champion.
  • An elder, now retired, version of The Spider has appeared in " Jack Staff ".
  • He was instead warped into the present day, facing off against Jack Staff again outside Tesco.
  • In Paul Grist's comic, Jack Staff, a character called Ben Kulmer appears as " The Claw ".
  • When she was a toddler, she was caught in the battle between Jack Staff, British army project Weapon H, and Hurricane.
  • He was active as Jack Staff during World War II up until the 1980s when he retired after the Hurricane incident.
  • Paul Grist's comics series " Jack Staff " acknowledges this in the real name of its character The Claw, Ben Kulmer.
  • This incarnation of the character, while different to the version appearing in " Jack Staff ", is also named Alfred Chinard.
  • An older, retired, more benevolent version of The Spider has appeared in UK writer / artist Paul Grist's Image comic book " Jack Staff ".
  • Jack Staff, chief economist with Zona Research in Redwood City, Calif ., offers several reasons for the Internet's growing popularity as a medium for health advice:
  • Jack Staff, chief economist of Zona Research Inc . in Redwood City, Calif ., says if Internet collective buying services catch on, some rival businesses won't survive.
  • For other e-commerce categories, too, a sluggish Web " can have serious economic impact, " said Jack Staff, chief economist at Zona Research, an Internet research firm.
  • "This shows Web shopping at the holidays is broad-based and not just for kids and geeks any more, " said Jack Staff, Zona's director and chief economist.
  • "We all have our secret sauce of ways to come up with the important numbers, " said Jack Staff, chief economist with Zona Research, an Internet research firm.
  • IBM has been more successful in marketing its image as a company that provides business-to-consumer services, said Jack Staff, chief economist for Zona Research, which was briefed on Microsoft's plans.
  • "This is major, " said Jack Staff, chief economist and director of e-commerce at Zona Research in Redwood City, Calif . " They are going to be a potent player ."
  • He later founded his own publishing company, Dancing Elephant Press, under which " Kane " and " Jack Staff " were first published, but both titles later moved to Image Comics.
  • The apocalypse was first shown in " Jack Staff Special " # 1, the final adversary in " Weird World " # 1, and the prophesised champion revealed in # 4.
  • Though Octane is backed by heavy hitters Lucent Ventures and Sigma Ventures, $ 2.4 billion is " an awful lot of money, " said Jack Staff, an analyst at Zona Research.
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