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English-Hindi > jerk off

jerk off meaning in Hindi

jerk off sentence in Hindi
हस्त-मैथुन करना
धक्के देकर निकालना
झटका देना
jerk    झटका धक्का मूर्ख
off    से अलग छूट छुट्टी
1.Translation : Nobody's fool enough to take the jerk off their hands.

2.No . So in short kids, Steven came out looking like a bigger jerk off than we all thought he was before this all began.

3.Ferreira commented on the album saying : " I didn t let people jerk off all over this record, I m very protective of it.

4.His character ( also referred to as " Beefy Guy " ) is the boyfriend of Dev ( Rafi Gavron ), the lead singer for The Jerk Offs.

5.By early 1995, Kevin's older brother, Brett Mitchell, replaced Fulurija because the latter would not turn up to practice sessions, Brett had been a drummer with various groups including The Jerk Offs.

6.Suits was involved in a conflict between Geraldo Rivera and radio talk show host Tom Leykis in 2013 when Rivera apparently called both of them a " right wing jerk off . " Rivera later clarified that he was only referring to Leykis.

7.As Wikipedia continues to be a well known household name and heck, my sisters kids are taught to search Wikipedia in grade school . . editors of Wikipedia are amusing themselves by posting close-up pictures of their genitals while they jerk off.

8.This press release, originally entitled " Congress jerks off, gang of four reach for raincoats, " was picked up by many news sources, as an abbreviated version of it was distributed by PR Web ( with the altered title of " CULT OF THE DEAD COW ( cDc ) Launches Campaign Against Internet Censorship in China " ).

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