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English-Hindi > journalistic writing

journalistic writing meaning in Hindi

journalistic writing sentence in Hindi

पत्रकारिता लेखन
पत्रकारी लेखन
journalistic    पत्रकारिता संबंधी
writing    रचना लिखना लिखाई
1."He's really risen and gone beyond his journalistic writing.

2.Journalistic writing on Fenton typically considers him a Briton.

3.Students learn journalistic writing techniques, editing, and page design as well as interview techniques.

4.He has also done journalistic writing for Conde Nast publications on the arts and the environment.

5.I've noticed it in journalistic writing as well as some academic work, particularly that published in Britain.

6.Those well-intentioned people often have an aversion to journalistic writing, its formality and the confines of the truth.

7.The hallmarks of his books were his extensive, in-depth research and a vigorous, almost journalistic writing style.

8.One sees it so often in flabby journalistic writing, I can't believe the construction always has that purpose.

9.Historians dismiss his works, pointing out that Kurowski's journalistic writing style leads to embellishments and half-truths.

10.The aesthetic of Salvadorean literature of this era did not have a role comparable to that of eloquent speech or journalistic writing.

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