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English-Hindi > k shell

k shell meaning in Hindi

k shell sentence in Hindi

k    केल्विन एक हज़ार
shell    सीप कवच खोली
1.Fluorescence and Auger electron yields as a function of atomic number for K shell vacancies.

2.An H 2 molecule effectively has the s orbital of its K energy level filled, and thus has the stable K shell configuration of a helium atom.

3.Similarly, when an electron falls from the M shell to the K shell, the X-ray emitted is called a K-beta X-ray.

4.If the book is discussing hydrogen or helium, the K shell will, of course, also be the outermost ( and only ) shell . "'

5.Most internal conversion ( IC ) electrons come from the K shell ( the 1s state ), as these two electrons have the highest probability of being within the nucleus.

6.For a master's research problem, Professor Thomas Laby had Burhop investigate the probability K shell ionisation by electron impact by measuring the intensity of the resultant X-ray emissions.

7.Moseley for a time considered that this K lines resulted from a simultaneous transition of 4 electrons at once from the L to K shells of atoms, but did not commit himself on this point in his papers.

8.After the electron has been ejected, the atom is left with a vacant energy level, also known as a L shell to the K shell, the X-ray emitted is called a K-alpha X-ray.

9.:: The use of kth shell instead of K shell would lead me to believe that your book does not mean the innermost ( K ) shell, but rather is using the symbol " k " as some kind of index.

10.The closest shell to the nucleus is called the " shell " ( also called " K shell " ), followed by the " shell " ( or " L shell " ), then the " shell " ( or " M shell " ), and so on farther and farther from the nucleus.

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