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English-Hindi > kala azar

kala azar meaning in Hindi

kala azar sentence in Hindi
काला आज़ार
kala    कला
1.Another insect-borne disease is leishmaniasis, of which kala azar is one.

2.Campbell was interested in kala azar and was working under Napier.

3.So far, we can safely say kala azar is truly a migrant disease,

4.He immediately carried out research in malaria and kala azar, for which he was assigned.

5.Synonyms for kala azar now include leishmaniasis.

6.Kala azar, transmitted by the bite of a sandfly carrying a parasite, infects 500, 000 a year.

7.In September 1898 he went to southern Assam in ( northeast India ) to study an epidemic of kala azar.

8.Known medically as leishmaniasis, kala azar is carried by the sand fly and kills an estimated 200, 000 people annually.

9.Following Leishman's discovery, names like " dum dum fever " and " kala azar " ( both referring to visceral leishmaniasis ) and " Baghdad boil,"

10.In 1993, the first case of kala azar was reported and to date, there are five cases of the disease, all of them affecting Bangladeshi workers.

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sores resulting from a tropical infection by protozoa of the genus Leishmania which are spread by sandflies
Synonyms: leishmaniasis, leishmaniosis,

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