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English-Hindi > kangaroo court

kangaroo court meaning in Hindi

kangaroo court sentence in Hindi
ग़ैरकानूनी न्यायालय
गैर कानूनी कचहरी

कंगरू फार्म
kangaroo    कंगारू
court    मैदान आंगन राजगृह
1."Parliament is busy turning itself into a kangaroo court, " he said.

2.The Cook Society dismissed the event as a " kangaroo court ."

3.There were several cartoons that portray the commission as a kangaroo court.

4.Few now in Washington are talking of kangaroo courts and show trials.

5.I have better things to do than argue with a kangaroo court.

6.I have better things to do than play in Fred's kangaroo court.

7.At best this is a kangaroo court, at worst a lynch mob.

8.Wanting everyone to thoroughly enjoy the experience, the kangaroo court suspended fines.

9.The trial was viewed by many as a kangaroo court or show trial.

10.A kangaroo court convicted him and eight others a year later.

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an irregular unauthorized court

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