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English-Hindi > knife point

knife point meaning in Hindi

knife point sentence in Hindi
चाकू की नोक
knife    चाकू भोंकना चाकू
point    दरजा स्थल अन्तरीप
1.India and Pakistan are at nuclear knife point with each other.

2.Mary holds Tosh at knife point, demanding the artifact.

3.They held him at knife point and whipped him with his own pistol.

4.For eight hours, he held her at knife point or against her will,

5.They lock Donte in a storage room and Hadleigh holds him at knife point.

6.He confessed to them and was subsequently held at knife point until the police arrived.

7.If the knife points toward land, the fish won't be filling the nets.

8.To that end, Richelieu ordered his chief steward to file off all the knife points.

9.Polly was abducted at knife point.

10.And besides, if someone gets robbed at knife point, should we blame Pampered Chef?

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