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la tene meaning in Hindi

la tene sentence in Hindi

ला तेन
la    ल्या पाश्चात्य
1.The La Tene I fibula usually had a narrow bow.

2.These latter types are sometimes known as pseudo-La Tene fibulae.

3.In 1997 Rutenberg received a Celtic Culture, specifically the La Tene Period, 600-400 BC.

4.Many La Tene II fibulae had long bilateral springs.

5.The La Tene I era also saw the introduction of the first animal, or zoomorphic, designs.

6.The La Tene settlement is located on plateaus at the base of the escarpment, as are the World War II military trenches.

7.In the Iron Age the cultures of Hallstatt ( Austria ) and La Tene ( Switzerland ) mark the significant phases in Europe.

8.Among the finest example of La Tene Celtic stone art in Europe, the stone was set on Turoe hill ( Cnoc Temhro ).

9.There are several other prehistoric sites in the municipality, including scatter neolithic items at Lindenrain and a La Tene culture grave at Schn�ggefeld.

10.The oldest trace of a settlement in the area are La Tene era gold coins and a grave which were discovered in the village.

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