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English-Hindi > labeling regulation

labeling regulation meaning in Hindi

labeling regulation sentence in Hindi

लेबल विनिमय
labeling    चिप्पी परचा लेबल
regulation    कायदा नियंत्रण
1.The company conforms to all federal labeling regulations, she added.

2.The group tested the brands under question and found them to violate labeling regulations.

3.The Rule 97 contains the labeling regulations.

4.The U . S . Food and Drug Administration implements the first food package labeling regulations.

5.Gunter acknowledged, however, the labels on orange juices technically comply with FDA labeling regulations.

6.Recently adopted food labeling regulations require the food industry to show the contents of all processed foods.

7.The Food and Drug Administration is putting the finishing touches to its metric-labeling regulations for food and cosmetics.

8.David Harsanyi used the term to describe food labeling regulations, the legal drinking age and socially conservative government policies.

9.The petition requests a better alignment between food labeling regulations and both the latest nutrition science and federal dietary guidelines.

10.The primary goal of labeling regulations is to provide consumers and other product users with important information about the product.

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