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English-Hindi > labelled compound

labelled compound meaning in Hindi

labelled compound sentence in Hindi

चिह्नित यौगिक
लेबलित यौगिक
labelled    अंकित चिह् नित
compound    आंगन समास घेरा
1.It established subsidiaries, joint ventures in Jamaica, the Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden and Spain for a number of products; which included transformers, magnetising equipment, frozen foods, stable isotopes, radioactively labelled compounds and cryogenic systems.

2.It produces and supply a variety of radioisotope products including radioisotope generators, sealed radiation sources, radiochemicals, labelled compounds of carbon-14, tritium and sulphur-35 and nucleotides labelled with phosphorus-32, radiopharmaceuticals and RIA kits, gamma radiography equipment and gamma laboratory irradiator systems to users in the country and abroad.

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