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labial consonant sentence in Hindi

"labial consonant" meaning in Hindi
  • Labial consonants, however, were unaffected by the above palatalizations.
  • If a labial consonant immediately precedes, palatalisation is triggered.
  • Moreover, Zulu does not generally tolerate sequences of a labial consonant plus.
  • It seems to have been favored when was adjacent to labial consonants or.
  • They are available only for labial consonants } } and coronal consonants } }.
  • Lastly, w is a continuant and labial consonant ( Capell, 1969 ).
  • A change in unstressed vowels when absolute enclitic position has labial consonant and vowel assimilation.
  • Whenever follows a labial consonant, it changes to, which then triggers palatalisation of the consonant.
  • The voiced labial consonants and ( represented by and, respectively ) both developed a fricative as an intervocalic allophone.
  • The labial vowel sounds usually still remain, but only as allophones next to the now-labial consonant sounds.
  • The long vowels have the primary values,,, and, with varying to, and after labial consonants.
  • Micronesian languages are known for their lack of plain labial consonants; they have instead two series, palatalized and labio-velarized labials.
  • The / N / phoneme is normally " n ", but may be spelt " m " when followed by a labial consonant.
  • Is used in the Dalmatian and the Eastern Romance languages where a different mutation changed the velar component to a labial consonant as well as the spelling to.
  • There is evidence that non-labialized labial consonants such as are palatalized,, " etc . ", but this is obscured before front vowels.
  • Iotation of-je-continues in labial consonants such as b, f, m, p and v where they undergo complete palatalization before a iotified vowel.
  • Some versions of featural phonology posit anterior consonants to be characterized by a phonological feature [ + anterior ], and distinguish labial consonants by the feature [ + labial ].
  • In the North and South Baffin dialects, as well as the dialects to the south and east of Baffin Island, double consonants starting with a labial consonant are also geminated.
  • About a dozen elderly tribe members are the last to speak Taushiro, one of the world's few languages with no labial consonants, such as " p,"
  • Due to the iotation of labial consonants, the short yat reflex may become transformed into either-je-or-lje-as is common in many vernaculars found in the dialectal region.
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