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labor day sentence in Hindi

"labor day" meaning in Hindilabor day in a sentence
  • The commercial season really gets going from May through Labor Day.
  • Ringwood residents are planning a Labor Day weekend homecoming and reunion.
  • Garrison had four waterfront listings available two weeks before Labor Day.
  • So both sides had an awful lot of Labor Day silliness.
  • The Americans will hold theirs in Colorado Springs after Labor Day.
  • The Meadowlands season runs from Labor Day until Nov . 23.
  • Sept . 2 _ Red Sox at Yankees on Labor Day.
  • Tomorrow is the 100th national anniversary of Labor Day in America.
  • I always knew wearing white shoes after Labor Day was wrong,
  • A reported 45 films are coming our way before Labor Day.
  • Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad told reporters after a Labor Day address.
  • U . S . markets were closed yesterday for Labor Day.
  • Labor Day is a good time to reflect about our jobs.
  • Her biggest worry is going back to work after Labor Day.
  • Visitors are charged $ 5 from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • Negotiations between authorities and the guerrillas broke down after Labor Day.
  • Labor Day provided most workers with their only guaranteed paid holiday.
  • We had a good time spending Labor Day with our children.
  • Polls after Labor Day are still subject to shifts of opinion.
  • Nearly all the replacements will be here by about Labor Day.
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