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labour code sentence in Hindi

"labour code" meaning in Hindilabour code in a sentence
  • The new Labour Code was adopted on 17 December 2010.
  • In 2001 a new labour code was introduced in the State Duma.
  • The Labour Code promulgated on 6 December 1975 was its obituary ."
  • In 2002, the new Labour Code gave its official seal to this title.
  • The BCGEU first gained full bargaining rights under the BC Labour Code in 1974.
  • Lesotho s Labour Code is the principal law governing employment-related matters in Lesotho.
  • De la Cueva was also a leading advisor in the 1970 revision of the Mexican Labour Code.
  • In parliament he fiercely opposed liberal reforms like the Overseas Labour Code and the Municipal Reform Bill.
  • Trade unions operate freely, and the Labour code recognizes the right to collective bargaining and strike action.
  • The official holidays are found in Article 162 of the " Labour Code of the Republic of Lithuania ."
  • The employers of French Equatorial Africa were generally highly individualistic, and often operated with little regard to the Labour Code.
  • Under Art . 67 ( 2 ) of the Labour Code the employment contract is usually concluded for an unlimited period.
  • The material liability of the employee is governed by the provisions of Art . 203-212 of the Labour Code.
  • Pursuant to Art . 359 Labour Code employees do not pay any court costs prior to the filing of the claims.
  • Gender identity was added to sexual orientation and several other grounds in the non-discrimination clauses of the Portuguese Labour Code.
  • In response, NIL / TU, O applied for and received certification under the " Canada Labour Code ".
  • Violations for this part of the Labour Code can be punishable by up to two years in fine as set out in section 148.
  • Roblin also resisted demands to enact a labour code to protect workers, and was sometimes reluctant to enforce the province's existing legislation.
  • FMCS is responsible for providing dispute resolution and dispute prevention assistance to trade unions and employers under the federal jurisdiction of the Canada Labour Code.
  • It was hoped that by becoming a crown corporation governed by the Canada Labour Code, relations between Canada Post and its union would improve.
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