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labour content sentence in Hindi

"labour content" meaning in Hindilabour content in a sentence
  • So we may have to resort to some foreign labour content.
  • The semi-automated manufacturing is more suitable as the labour content cost is lower compared to the overall sales pricing, " he said.
  • While state of the art materials-handling methods were used, in some instances labour-saving machinery worked beside operations intended to maximise the labour content.
  • The consultations are scheduled for May 26 and will also look at the need to reduce labour content and put more value into products.
  • Harris said Penang Seagate had been reducing the labour content of some of its operations in the past two years by moving these activities to other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Marxist theory allows for the possibility that Labour content can serve as a common means of valuing capital goods, a position now out of favour with economists following the success of the theory of marginal utility.
  • Putting together the direct and indirect labour inputs, one finally gets the total labour input into the commodity, which may also be called the total " embodied labour " in it, or its direct and indirect labour contents.

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