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labour department sentence in Hindi

"labour department" meaning in Hindilabour department in a sentence
  • Previously, Lim said, the matter was handled by the Labour Department alone.
  • As of 1956 he served as Parliamentary Secretary for the Labour Department.
  • From 1972-74 He worked as an economist in the Labour Department, Wellington.
  • Worried employees yesterday called the Labour Department's two hotlines with similar queries.
  • Meanwhile, another two labour protests took place yesterday, the Labour Department reported.
  • The Labour Department launched an investigation to determine the cause of the accident.
  • However, the Labour Department is still trying to contact the company's managing director.
  • The Labour Department had not received any complaints, a spokesman said.
  • The workers registered with the Labour Department on Tuesday and were promised assistance.
  • "This would also save the Labour Department manpower, " he said.
  • There are also 20, 000 vacancies on the Labour Department register.
  • "Information about 30, 000 vacancies still hasn't reached the Labour Department,"
  • Also present was Labour Department director-general Datuk Tengku Omar Tengku Bot.
  • Can I complain to the Labour Department that my company is not being fair?
  • Lim said the Labour Department was taking follow-up action to help the affected workers.
  • Ms Chan urged the Labour Department to deploy more manpower to inspect small companies.
  • The Labour Department decides to make revisions in minimum wage rates mandatory within 3 years.
  • The Labour Department will mainly deal with those who may be seeking a new job.
  • The Ipoh Labour department managed to get the award within four months, a record time.
  • Another job seeker, Connie Leung, complained job descriptions in Labour Department advertisements were frequently misleading.
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