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labour disputes sentence in Hindi

"labour disputes" meaning in Hindilabour disputes in a sentence
  • Construction of the South-Pettah stretch was slow partly due to a labour dispute.
  • Saavedra legalized the right to strike and introduced government arbitration in labour disputes.
  • More than 1.3 million workers were involved in these labour disputes.
  • Louey had also experienced a few labour disputes during his office.
  • This change in strategy provoked a labour dispute in late 1990s.
  • Shortly after, in 1911, the first of many labour disputes happened.
  • Another controversial use of the Act was in the settling of labour disputes.
  • In addition, its uncut, unkempt grass became a symbol of the labour dispute.
  • The Soviet military leadership had no understanding towards Finnish labour disputes.
  • While the labour dispute, Stajan was assigned to St . John's.
  • Material shortages, labour disputes, storms, fires, and boating accidents led to major delays.
  • This was the airline's first labour dispute since it began business.
  • Sloan also served as mediator in a number of provincial and national labour disputes.
  • This meant that labour disputes were civil matters, not for consideration by criminal courts.
  • Spode also worked on labour disputes, tobacco consumption and other historical and political topics.
  • In particular, he was interested in resolving the growing labour disputes of the time.
  • Enforcement of contracts was difficult, and the large bureaucracy delayed resolutions of labour disputes.
  • Among the three applications, CMB's was criticised most as it had regular labour disputes.
  • The social conditions were nevertheless such that labour disputes arose.
  • The magazine ceased publication in 1998, owing to labour disputes.
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