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labour division sentence in Hindi

"labour division" meaning in Hindilabour division in a sentence
  • Labour lost Southwark council John O'Grady as " Real Bermondsey Labour " giving an impression of Labour division and infighting.
  • One such system is the cooperative economy, a largely free market economy in which workers manage the firms and democratically determine remuneration levels and labour divisions.
  • This led to some talk that Canada was headed for a UK-style Tory-Labour division, with the NDP pushing the Liberals into oblivion.
  • After the landslide for the centre-right Alliance in the Stockholm municipal election in 2006, Kristersson became vice mayor with responsible for social welfare and labour division.
  • The introduction of the animal-drawn plough, and of maize, later transformed the labour division significantly, especially when combined with the effects of labour migration.
  • It has now developed forming a different structure to the former, where it has the ordinary court, and the two special divisions that is Commercial Division and Labour Division.
  • In Tanzania Mainland, the High Court of Tanzania has three divisions, namely the Commercial Division ( the Commercial Court ), the Land Division ( the Land Court ) and the Labour Division ( the Labour Court ).
  • Gender role theory " treats these differing distributions of women and men into roles as the primary origin of sex-differentiated social behavior, their impact on behavior is mediated by psychological and social processes . " According to Gilbert Herdt, gender roles arose from correspondent inference, meaning that general labour division was extended to gender roles.
  • The final full name of its first formation was the 30th Rifle Irkutsk Order of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Banner of Labour Division of the name of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR . After being redesignated the 55th Guards Rifle Division in December 1942, the Second Formation of the division was recreated at Rossosh in April 1943.
  • The 15th Rifle Division was awarded the Order of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner, the Order of Suvorov, and the Red Banner of Labour of the Ukrainian SSR, ultimately receiving the honorific designation "'15th Sivash-Stettin Order of Lenin, Twice Order of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov, Order of the Red Banner of Labour Division "'( 15-O AB @ 5;  :  > 20O ! 820HA :  > -( B5BB8 = A : 0O, >  @ 45 = 0 5 = 8 = 0, 42064K  @ 0A =  > 7 = 0 < Q =  = 0O, >  @ 45 =  > 2 ! C2 >  @  > 20, "  @ C4 > 2 > 3 >   @ 0A =  > 3 >   = 0 < 5 = 8 482878O ).

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