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English-Hindi > labour officer

labour officer meaning in Hindi

labour officer sentence in Hindi

श्रम अधिकारी
श्रमिक अधिकारी
labour    मजदूर वर्ग मेहनत
officer    अफसर ओहदेदार
1.On 18 March 2010 seven labour officers and six police officers raided the station.

2.Chief Labour Officer Clare Siu Ho Ka-yuk gave the advice at the weekly City Forum on Sunday.

3.To escape blame Shyamal hatches a plan with the labour officer to provoke a strike at the factory.

4.Gayathri ( Raadhika Sarathkumar ), a labour officer, came to help them but Vaiyapuri sent her to jail for prostitution.

5.Moreover the amendments to the respective schedules in the Workmen's Compensation Act have simplified the procedures in assessing compensation by Labour Officers.

6.Labour Officers have since the inception of the Workmen's Compensation Act assessed compensation in respect of claims arising out of the provisions of the Act.

7.Acting Chief Labour Officer Man Tak-wah said the employer and the three employees of the Treasure Island Button Industry were charged with conspiracy to defraud the fund board.

8.It was formed in February 1987 by amalgamating 3 bodies : Labour Officers ( Central Pool ), Central Industrial Relations Machinery and Welfare Organisation of the Ministry of Labour.

9.He worked in industry as a labour officer in the chemical industry, then a market research manager in the car industry, and finally a management consultant with Inbucon from 1963.

10.Butters was appointed by Sir Geoffrey Northcote the first Labour Officer of Hong Kong when the Hong Kong government was under pressure from London to give attention to the Chinese child labour.

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