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English-Hindi > labour pain

labour pain meaning in Hindi

labour pain sentence in Hindi

प्रसव वेदना
labour    मजदूर वर्ग मेहनत
pain    यंत्रणा प्रसव
1.Priya now gets labour pain and Vichu takes her to hospital.

2.Purva gets her labour pains and is taken to the hospital.

3.Priya now gets labour pain and Vichu takes her to the hospital.

4.The play ends with the onset of her labour pains.

5.Some nights later, Kuala experiences labour pains.

6.When Rangan reaches the slum, he finds Kuppamma in throes of labour pain.

7.Epidural anaesthetics are put into women's spinal cords to reduce birth and labour pains.

8.Don't tell others about the labour pains-show them the BABY !"

9.The opening episode, " Labour Pains ", re-introduces the six main characters.

10.The idol of the goddess appears as a women suffering from labour pain lying with her mouth open.

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