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English-Hindi > labour under

labour under meaning in Hindi

labour under sentence in Hindi
में होना
labour    मजदूर वर्ग मेहनत
under    के अन्दर पानी के
1.Unfortunately, health and social care professionals, too, often labour under the same misconception.

2.When the Liberals were defeated at the Shadow Minister for Labour under Billy Snedden.

3.Both projects utilised convict labour under the command of Nerriga landowner Colonel John Mackenzie.

4.These tasks were performed by forced labour under state supervision,

5.Macmillan's government was rocked by the Labour under Harold Wilson.

6.National lost the election to Labour under David Lange.

7.As Labour under Tony Blair embraced the Socialist Alliance.

8.The labour under an illusionment of Arap symbolizes the labor exploitation and lack of social security.

9.Many Musalli perform manual labour under landowners or at brick kilns, casting raw bricks from mud.

10.The introduction of indentured labour under slavish conditions was no less shameful and evil . " "

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