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English-Hindi > lady with the lamp

lady with the lamp meaning in Hindi

lady with the lamp sentence in Hindi
लैंप वाली महिला
lady    स्री औरत कुलांगना
with    के मामले में के
the    वही यह वह वही वह
lamp    लैम्प कंदील चिराग़
1.Florence Nightingale became known as " The Lady with the Lamp " and is still considered the founder of modern nursing.

2.Nightingale acquired the title " Lady with the Lamp " after her photograph was published in the " Illustrated London News " in 1855.

3.In a stark photograph of the Statue of Liberty taken from a low angle, Tseng's alter ego is as imposing as the Lady With the Lamp.

4.But the letter from Berlin reminds of times when America truly has exemplified what the lady with the lamp was built to mean _ freedom, tolerance, pluralism, opportunity, refuge.

5.Just about everyone has heard of the English nurse and hospital reformer Florence Nightingale, the " lady with the lamp, " and the darling of soldiers in the Crimean War.

6.She gave nursing a highly favourable reputation and became an icon of Victorian culture, especially in the persona of " The Lady with the Lamp " making rounds of wounded soldiers at night.

7."Nightingale is remembered for the sickly saccharine image of the'Lady with the Lamp'which doesn't do justice to her and the legacy she left to society, " said museum director Alex Attewell.

8.The museum tells the real story of Florence Nightingale, " the lady with the lamp ", from her Victorian childhood to her experiences in the Crimean, through to her years as an ardent campaigner for health reform.

9.The story was at first to have been called " The Lady with the Lamp "; but the author delayed it for a year and subjected it to a complete rewriting, the result of a new and enlarged conception of the story.

10.Florence Nightingale ( 1820 1910 ), considered the founder of educated and scientific nursing and widely known as " " The Lady with the Lamp " ", wrote the first nursing notes that became the basis of nursing practice and research.

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