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land use map sentence in Hindi

"land use map" meaning in Hindiland use map in a sentence
  • Land use capability maps must not be confused with land use maps.
  • Resolution No . 9590 looked to amend the 1994 General Plan Land Use Map to provide for the following uses:
  • On July 7, 2004, the San Luis Obispo City Council adopted Resolution No . 9590 amending the 1994 General Plan Land Use Map.
  • Community members learned how to use the computer resources, ArcView 1.0, and build a theme or land use map of the surrounding area.
  • She looked at site plans, and studied the land use maps and all that to make sure she was making the right decision,
  • Milne's land use map of Middlesex, drawn up in 1800 shows half this arable land had become pasture over the preceding fifty years.
  • However, according to an Environmental Sciences professor, this fault was already known to private geologists hired by the Negros Occidental government to create a land use map for the province.
  • Land use map of Europe with arable farmland ( yellow ), forest ( dark green ), pasture ( light green ), and tundra or bogs in the north ( dark yellow)
  • After being assigned the responsibility of the entire soil survey program, the SCS shifted from making individual conservation plan soil surveys and land use maps to making complete county soil surveys.
  • The 1990s Land Use map shows only 21 % of the area forested, much restored due to reforestation plantings, and over 60 % of the area as cultivated, hay, pasture or grassland.
  • Ordinance 1449 prezoned the Dalidio property as follows ( following changes were consistent with the amended General Plan Land Use Map adopted by the San Luis Obispo City Council on July 7, 2004 . ):
  • In 1974, he founded the Association Inuksiutiit Katimajiit Inc ., a Canadian non-profit society whose primary purpose was to return to the Inuit the research data, such as land use maps and family trees, that he had collected.
  • "' The Darwin Project "'conducts plants and birds surveys, creates biodiversity and land use maps, facilitate practical field training courses and an online course for developing professionals, conducts educational activities with school children, creates field guides and other educational resources for conservation managers.
  • Since the farm invasions of early 2000, peasant farmers from the communal lands of both Matibi, north of the Mwenezi River, and those from the Maranda communal lands south of the river, invaded some of the arid ranches found in the district, changing the land use map.
  • Geoportail makes some unusual cartographic sources available, such as the renowned 18th-century Cassini maps and the Napol�onic-period Minutes �tat-Major, in addition to IGN road maps, administrative maps, topographic maps, cadastral and building surveys, public service utility maps, transportation maps, hydrographic maps, atmospheric and weather maps, geological maps, land use maps, maps of cultural sites, and much more.

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