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land use plan sentence in Hindi

"land use plan" meaning in Hindiland use plan in a sentence
  • The Village adopted its first Comprehensive Land Use Plan January 12, 1981.
  • Local officials have already approved the municipality's comprehensive land use plan.
  • The land use plan, in particular, ignited a storm of controversy.
  • It has so far only been defined in the Berlin land use plan.
  • The main output is the Land Use Plan of the District.
  • Request that complies with the city's comprehensive land use plan.
  • Palm Beach will have 1, 373, 800, according to comprehensive land use plan projections.
  • Rita Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance Years 2009-2013)
  • Norwood has recently adopted a comprehensive transportation plan, pedestrian plan and land use plan.
  • On this basis, the plans were included in the land use plan of 1995.
  • LTDC prepared detailed land use plans with maps and areas zoned for tourist facilities.
  • The study will further determine the final land use plan of the Tailings impoundment areas.
  • A major goal of its land use plan has been to stop the international protests.
  • A Local Coastal Program is composed of a Land Use Plan and an Implementation Plan.
  • The Implementation Plan is responsible for implementing the policies contained in the Land Use Plan.
  • The Authority completed their Land Use Plan but had no funding or workers to implement it.
  • The regional land use plan is a map which contains the planning entries, instructions and descriptions.
  • Land use plans are implemented through land division and use ordinances and regulations, such as zoning regulations.
  • The LMDC is supposed to make a decision about the land use plan by Feb . 1.
  • It was meant to serve as a basis for land use plans for parts of the city.
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