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land use planning sentence in Hindi

"land use planning" meaning in Hindiland use planning in a sentence
  • The Yukon part of the Peel Watershed is undergoing land use planning.
  • She previously worked as a professional land use planning and development consultant.
  • Land use planning practices evolved as an attempt to overcome these challenges.
  • In 2007 Environment Oregon campaigned for renewable energy and for land use planning.
  • But the cheapest and best approach is good land use planning,
  • The city is built around the Dutch land use planning system.
  • In 2000, the City of Hercules chartered an urban-design-based land use planning effort.
  • During the land use planning, and a bill to allow public employees to unionize.
  • But leadership will have to come from local leaders to improve land use planning.
  • In March 2013 they published a draft entitled, " Community Based Land Use Planning ."
  • The law aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through transportation, housing, and land use planning.
  • They are used extensively in surveys of land use planning and land management in Australia
  • It is considered a " distinctive example of mid-19th century semi-urban land use planning ."
  • In addition to Property and Land Use Planning, she has taught Civil Procedure and Administrative Law.
  • It also studies soil in the context of land use planning, global warming, and acid rain.
  • They include grant application assistance, management services for program implementation, land use planning services and mapping.
  • The plan would also implement new rules for land use planning and the resolution of disputes.
  • Portland is often cited as an example of a city with strong land use planning controls.
  • In Banff, he was an advocate for affordable housing, proper land use planning, and increased commercial development.
  • LID techniques can also play an important role in Smart Growth and Green infrastructure land use planning.
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