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English-Hindi > land use system

land use system meaning in Hindi

land use system sentence in Hindi

भूमि उपयोग प्रणाली
land    भू देश भूमि पृथ्वी
land use    भूमि उपयोग भूमि का
use    आदत आवश्यकता
system    सिस्टम क्रम डौल
1.At the time, parishes formed both a land use system and a system of local government.

2.Managing growth, particularly in the Willamette Valley, was a priority of Kitzhaber and he was a staunch supporter of Oregon's comprehensive land use system.

3.The Hawaiians'customs and land use system also caused a downward spiral in the population from which after the diseases they could not recover from.

4.It is, therefore, imperative to replace the present shifting cultivation system with more productive and sustainable land use systems to enable people to secure their livelihoods.

5."New York's land use system has really been very inert and the city has been excessively concerned with maintaining space even if those activities aren't there any more, " he said.

6.Karen villages in Karen to leave their homeland " voluntarily ", and placed restrictions on their traditional land use system which will inevitably cause its breakdown and deprive the Karen of subsistence.

7.Some applications that have been identified for implementation are electronic commerce ( e-commerce ), human resource management, land use systems, tourism product management, office automation, electronic tendering system, file transfer, financial management and control, social services, physical infrastructure management and rural information access.

8.In a more scientific way agroforestry may be defined as a sustainable land use system that maintains or increases the total yield by combing food crop together with forest tree and live stock ranching on the same unit of land, using management practices that takes care of the social and culture characteristic of the local people and the economic and ecological condition of the local area.

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