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land warfare sentence in Hindi

"land warfare" meaning in Hindi
  • Specifically, a grave violation of the Law of Land Warfare.
  • The Academy's direct Headquarters is the Land Warfare Centre.
  • Land warfare, as the name implies, takes place on land.
  • Digitizing ground units does not revolutionize land warfare,
  • The era of the horse in land warfare was slowly drawing to a close.
  • For this reason, land warfare played a secondary role in the First Punic War.
  • Land warfare occurred primarily in Cuba and to a much lesser extent in the Philippines.
  • After the invention of cannons, naval warfare became useful as support units for land warfare.
  • The formal laws of land warfare are unclear about the precise definition of noncombatants in international conflicts.
  • Earlier, the Marines were trained as naval infantry covering both aspects of sea and land warfare.
  • LWSC also works to build upon conceptual dialogue of land warfare concepts within joint and combined contexts.
  • The majority of these personnel are drawn from the Land Warfare Centre detachments are also sometimes involved.
  • His 14th book, the Encyclopedia of 19th-Century Land Warfare, will be published next year.
  • You can follow all of the laws of land warfare and still, unfortunately, have tragic incidents,
  • Land warfare changed from the static front lines of World War I to increased mobility and combined arms.
  • Despite primarily being associated with land warfare, flanking maneuvers have also been used effectively in naval battles.
  • During the summer, Ward's  duckfoot background found immediate application to the problems of land warfare.
  • These were troops primarily trained in land warfare, and did not need to be skilled at handling a ship.
  • The Land Warfare Hall was opened on 28 September 1992 by Field Marshal Eastern Front and the invasion of Normandy.
  • DARA also promotes professional debate on topics such as the changing character of land warfare and Australia s strategic environment.
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