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lay reader sentence in Hindi

"lay reader" meaning in Hindi
  • Lay readers like myself really appreciate the work put into these introductions.
  • We tend to prefer terms likely to be familiar to lay readers.
  • Certainly, Whitewater has never exactly grabbed the imagination of the lay reader.
  • This book created a wider awareness of anorexia nervosa among lay readers.
  • There are 28 active and 15 retired clergy and 110 lay readers.
  • As the lay reader, Potter was in charge of the Sunday School.
  • These were possibly the first female lay readers in the Church of England.
  • He was licensed by the Archbishop of Cape Town as a lay reader.
  • Kraft is an Episcopalian, serving as a lay reader at his local church.
  • For the lay reader, her book is decidedly a mixed bag.
  • The lay readers included Jacob Bley, George Bley, Jerome Levy, and Louis Mayer.
  • A lay person authorized to lead services has the title of lay reader.
  • The Muslim 100 is aimed primarily at students and lay readers.
  • Lay readers conducted services at Rodeph Shalom during its first decades.
  • It is certainly more accessible to the lay reader . . . .?
  • His father, who worked as an insurance agent, was a licensed lay reader.
  • And even they agree that lay readers will find it useful.
  • The values quoted in the article are more useful for the lay reader.
  • The Church of England appointed female lay readers during the First World War.
  • The poem has since received rave reviews from critics as well as lay readers.
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