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English-Hindi > lay reader

lay reader meaning in Hindi

lay reader sentence in Hindi
स्तुति पाठक
lay    लिटा देना संभोग
reader    रीडर पाठ्यपुस्तक
1.Lay readers like myself really appreciate the work put into these introductions.

2.We tend to prefer terms likely to be familiar to lay readers.

3.Certainly, Whitewater has never exactly grabbed the imagination of the lay reader.

4.This book created a wider awareness of anorexia nervosa among lay readers.

5.There are 28 active and 15 retired clergy and 110 lay readers.

6.As the lay reader, Potter was in charge of the Sunday School.

7.These were possibly the first female lay readers in the Church of England.

8.He was licensed by the Archbishop of Cape Town as a lay reader.

9.Kraft is an Episcopalian, serving as a lay reader at his local church.

10.For the lay reader, her book is decidedly a mixed bag.

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a layman who is authorized by the bishop to read parts of the service in an Anglican or Episcopal church

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