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English-Hindi > lay up

lay up meaning in Hindi

lay up sentence in Hindi
1.I figured my best chance to make par was to lay up.

2.On 14 ( a par-5 ), we both had to lay up.

3.Marcela lays up but hits her third shot short of the green.

4.A female fly lays up to five clutches of 80 eggs each.

5.I said all week I would not be afraid to lay up.

6.And they propagate rapidly, since the female lays up to 600 eggs.

7.He'd lay up instead of charging, knowing the birdies would eventually drop.

8.They usually lay 2-3 eggs but they can lay up to 5.

9.Jefferson also added four steals, some of which culminated in lay ups.

10.I felt like my best chance for par was to lay up.

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disable or confine, as with an illness; "She was laid up with pneumonia for six weeks"

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