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English-Hindi > layer control

layer control meaning in Hindi

layer control sentence in Hindi

• परिसीमा स्तर नियंत्रण
layer    क्यारी तह पटल परत
control    संचालन जाँच करना
1.The stitching on cricket balls and baseballs acts as a boundary layer control structure.

2.The "'Northrop used the aircraft as a technology demonstrator for boundary layer control concepts.

3.The leading edge slot was therefore one of the earliest forms of boundary layer control.

4.;An-42 : A version of the An-40 fitted with BLC ( Boundary Layer Control ).

5.The system was known as " Supercirculation Boundary Layer Control " or BLC for short.

6.Bede aircraft was formed to develop an STOL aircraft of novel construction, incorporating boundary layer control.

7.It was an experimental vessel used for testing propulsion systems, hull forms, and boundary-layer control techniques.

8.It is a form of boundary layer control.

9.Fixed devices include leading edge root extensions and boundary layer control systems, which are less commonly used.

10.With mechanical slots the natural boundary layer limits the boundary layer control pressure to the freestream total head.

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