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English-Hindi > layer depth

layer depth meaning in Hindi

layer depth sentence in Hindi

• परत गभीरता
• स्तर गभीरता
layer    क्यारी तह पटल परत
depth    गम्भीरता गहनता
1.This then lifts the mixed-layer depth to 10 meters.

2.Results suggested no appreciable change in the mixed layer depth with the time of day.

3.The mixed layer depth is in fact greater in winter than summer in each hemisphere.

4.One study explored diurnal variability of the mixed layer depth in the Western Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

5.Likewise, global warming is projected to increase stratification and cause a shallowing of the mixed layer depth.

6.This trigger occurs in the spring due to seasonal changes in the critical depth and mixed layer depth.

7.During this third phase, which spans over most of the afternoon, the mixed layer depth is relatively constant.

8.Again, the division of layers may have originated with the shedding of skin; intracellular fluid may infill naturally depending on layer depth.

9.The value d is called the Ekman layer depth, and gives an indication of the penetration depth of wind-induced turbulent mixing in the ocean.

10.As the average winds decrease from the winter storms and the ocean is heated, the vertical water column becomes increasingly stratified and the mixed layer depth decreases.

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