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English-Hindi > leaded zinc

leaded zinc meaning in Hindi

leaded zinc sentence in Hindi

सीसित यशद
leaded    सीसायुक्त सीसेदार
zinc    ज़िंक जस्ता जस्ता
1.Ore control factors of the huangshashi copper lead zinc deposit in hunan

2.Red - lead zinc chromate anticorrosive paint

3.Research on flotation electrochemistry for fankou lead zinc mine deep ores

4.A discussion on the mining method for deep ore deposit in fankou lead zinc mine

5.The research on fluid inclusion in zhangshiba lead zinc ore , north jiangxi province

6.Lead zinc bulk concentrate

7.Geological characteristics and ore potential of the side lead zinc copper deposit in guiping , guangxi

8.Geological characteristics and ore prospecting orientation of lead zinc polymetallic deposit in south dabaoshan , guangdong

9.Major landscape has highland pasture , " lover dam " , " girl mountain " , " mother tree " , 100 zhang echo wall , purple golden river cuckoo screen , stone forest , coloured mountain , drop water rock , pot stone and lead zinc metropolis etc . , gross area ask 100 square kilometers

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