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English-Hindi > leader cable

leader cable meaning in Hindi

leader cable sentence in Hindi

पथदर्शी केबल
मार्गदर्शक केबल
leader    अग्रणी अधिनायक
cable    जहाज का रस्सा
1.From the Middle East, several leaders cabled Putin to convey condolences and denounce the hostage-takers.

2.Chord was with the New Warriors when they teamed with X-Force, revealing that he knew the X-Force leader Cable from his days as a mercenary in Vietnam.

3.The subject of the crossover was having the X-Men face their biggest enemies at the time, Stryfe, Apocalypse, and Mr . Sinister, and revealing the origin of the popular X-Force leader Cable.

4.That required a good site but by the early 1960s radically new aerial designs for the ILS transmitters developed by Standard Telephones & Cables ( ST & C ) improved ILS to an extent that leader cable could be dispensed with.

5.It was recognised that leader cable would be impractical at some airports, but that it could be dispensed with if improvements could be made to ILS . Some improvement resulted from a narrow beam localizer aerial system developed by BLEU during the early 1950s and by 1958 automatic landings had been made using only ILS localiser for azimuth guidance.

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