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English-Hindi > leader of opposition

leader of opposition meaning in Hindi

leader of opposition sentence in Hindi

विपक्ष का नेता
विरोधी दल का नेता
leader    अग्रणी अधिनायक
of    स् का की पर बाबत
opposition    रीक विपक्ष
1.He served as the Leader of Opposition in Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council.

2.Earlier, he was the Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Council.

3.Presently, he holds the designation of Leader of Opposition in state assembly.

4.He retained the role of Leader of Opposition Business in the Parliament.

5.During his second tenure, he was the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly.

6.But leaders of opposition parties and civil groups have opposed it.

7.The activists and leaders of opposition parties constitute the majority of the victims.

8.As Congress now the biggest opposition party, he became the Leader of opposition.

9.July 21 : Tony Blair elected leader of opposition Labor Party.

10.He fights for OBC and was leader of opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly

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