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English-Hindi > lean to

lean to meaning in Hindi

lean to sentence in Hindi
• की ओर झुका हुआ होना
lean    दुबला रूझान होना
to    बन्द अवस्था में
1.Use only chuck, which has a good proportion of lean to fat.

2.Or you could lean to the left and see the blue-state emphasis.

3.The district has a slight lean to the moderate than California overall.

4.I'm starting to lean to a speedy the more I hear this.

5.These radical stances alinated ohio voters who lean to the conservative side.

6.His inventory of 10, 000 volumes leans to American history and culture.

7.She leans to the left and she leans to the right and OOPS!

8.She notices he was scratched earlier, and leans to kiss him.

9.It leans to one side and several ornaments are broken, but it's up.

10.Make sure the grill doesn't wobble or lean to one side.

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