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learned word sentence in Hindi

"learned word" meaning in Hindi
  • One also learned words that made one food different from another.
  • When access to these new learned words, the basic language semantic system will be activated.
  • The stem completion tests involved patients learning a battery of words, and later identifying the learned words.
  • While he traveled with an interpreter, he learned words for hello, thank you, good and beautiful.
  • I practically memorized the little spelling book we had and branched out and learned words from The Atlanta Constitution.
  • Two of the groups learned word pairs, then either slept or stayed awake, and were tested again.
  • This may be problematic for a foreigner to understand, if she / he has learned words by book:
  • He was able to write essays at seven, and his poems and essays were full of learned words.
  • In simplified form : changing the context between encoding and retrieval reduced the divers ability to recall learned words.
  • In simplified form : changing the context between encoding and retrieval reduced the divers'ability to recall learned words.
  • In Boston, where he learned word processing, a skill that has kept him solvent in lean times, something inside snapped.
  • "We found that children learned words like asparagus, carbohydrate, flexible, circulation, arboretum, " she said.
  • They must be able to relate the newly learned word to prior knowledge through personal associations with text and the structure of text.
  • When expressing a complex idea, a child will often omit the more familiar concepts and use only the most recently learned word.
  • At Liberty Vocational Services in St . Albans, Oates learned word processing and secretarial skills while Ebony played at the adjacent day care center.
  • The infants turned their head longer toward the familiar words presented by the second speaker, suggesting that infants could generalize these learned words across different speakers.
  • The other two groups did the same thing, except they also learned interference pairs right before being retested to try to disrupt the previously learned word pairs.
  • Youngstown is quietly becoming the prison capital of a nation that, to use Dominique's hard-learned word, is now the world leader in incarceration.
  • Learned words, neologisms ( such as " gas ", first found in the late 17th century ), and Latinate or Greek borrowings were rarely broadened.
  • Thus, many learned words, or words added to the French vocabulary since then often keep both the pronunciation and the presence of the / s / from Latin.
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