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learner driver sentence in Hindi

"learner driver" meaning in Hindi
  • Most copies are bought by learner drivers preparing for their driving test.
  • Hagger is also the Co-Founder of learner driver app miDrive.
  • When Alf gets drunk, Renee is forced to drive despite being a learner driver.
  • David Trimble is a learner driver and cannot be left in the driving seat,
  • Trimble is a learner driver and can't be left in the driver's seat ."
  • Queensland learner drivers can record their required 100 hours of supervised on-road driving electronically.
  • The LK50GY is particularly popular amongst 16-year-old learner drivers.
  • Longer training sessions for learner drivers, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  • Free2go is a youth program designed to help learner drivers to get their licence and includes roadside assistance.
  • As well, most learner driver experience is obtained through professional driving instructors rather than through ad hoc supervision.
  • The learner driver's training usually takes place in legally authorised and mostly privately owned for profit driving schools.
  • Furthermore, he added, authorities should also inspect driving schools to ensure they provided adequate lessons for learner drivers.
  • In Malaysia, only cars approved by driving schools may be driven by Learner Drivers after passing the theory test.
  • A learner driver with a provisional car entitlement cannot drive a three-wheeled vehicle unless they meet certain disability criteria.
  • Provisional and learner drivers must not drive with any detectable blood-alcohol present . ( see Driver's licence in Australia ).
  • Sawalha was one of the learner drivers who ended up passing her driving test at the end of the second series.
  • To make matters worse, Chris leaves Gear Change, because Fiona has an affair with Gerry, leaving all learner drivers without their favourite teacher.
  • For example, a Victorian learner driver who moves to NSW may be eligible to sit the driving test to obtain a P1 licence.
  • By doing this in a safe environment away from the public road, it is hoped that this will provide a basis for learner drivers'learning.
  • The new curriculum would give driving schools and learner drivers a more detailed understanding of road safety rules and matters such as vehicle maintenance.
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