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learning ability sentence in Hindi

"learning ability" meaning in Hindi
  • This is a course designed to improve individual writing and learning abilities.
  • He also found that early experiences in the home shaped learning ability.
  • Cognitive ability is also called learning ability or  general mental ability.
  • In mice, large differences in learning ability exist among different inbred strains.
  • Fewer faulted large class sizes or the learning abilities of today's students.
  • LeapFrog's Tag reader is accessible to a wide variety of students'learning abilities.
  • They also neglect health care, which can affect children's learning ability, critics said.
  • There is also a lack of learning ability associated with logic based methods.
  • This in-lab training accelerated children s word learning abilities outside of the laboratory.
  • General intelligence is actually quite a poor indicator of language-learning ability.
  • The connecting devices multitasking character has a serious impact on the learning ability.
  • TV series, have much better long-term memory and learning ability than ordinary mice.
  • Teaching will be adapted to the learning ability of each girl or woman.
  • Sublethal doses can affect orientation, foraging, learning ability and brood care.
  • Relative to the student's learning ability, the teaching material is now less important.
  • It can shift down the learning ability of your entire population.
  • Students are deprived of their opportunities to develop their learning abilities.
  • This leads to improved regulation of mood and increased learning ability.
  • They have both been extensively studied for their learning abilities.
  • It has been proven to have a great impact on the students learning abilities.
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