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learning by doing sentence in Hindi

"learning by doing" meaning in Hindi
  • The program is half practical-half theoretical with a learning by doing approach.
  • Sorry I'm still too new to this community and learning by doing.
  • The projects reflect active citizenship and " learning by doing ".
  • Everything is hands-on in this " learning by doing " museum.
  • At YID, education is based on " learning by doing ".
  • Learning by doing is a maxim of the progressive school movement.
  • There is nothing more effective than " learning by doing ."
  • Classes are more interactive, with children learning by doing rather than by hearing.
  • In other words, learning by doing can help in future projects.
  • It was one of those moments you are completely and totally learning by doing.
  • Learning by doing : An example application of schank's " goal-based senario " theory.
  • BMIT firmly believes in the philosophy of'learning by doing '.
  • Student-run wikis provide opportunities to integrate learning by doing into a journalism education program.
  • Some experimentation and learning by doing is probably inevitable.
  • The program emphasizes learning by doing, community development, and nature conservation, particularly in rural areas.
  • Learning by doing is often measured by progress ratios.
  • One of the greatest benefits of belonging to an investment club is learning by doing.
  • At the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, learning by doing is taken to extremes.
  • However, constructivism is often associated with pedagogic approaches that promote active learning, or learning by doing.
  • *Learning by doing is the most effective technique.
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