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learning curve sentence in Hindi

"learning curve" meaning in Hindi
  • The learning curve was just about vertical for the first few days.
  • The question is how do I come up the learning curve faster?
  • Three words sum up his learning curve : trial and error.
  • But the former Oklahoma State star faces a steep learning curve.
  • Which makes him a president with a lot lower learning curve.
  • He plotted learning curves which recorded the timing for each trial.
  • I have to say my learning curve has been very steep.
  • With 10 returning players, the learning curve is shorter this year.
  • There is no consensus on the speed of a learning curve.
  • Surely he has enough on his plate during his learning curve.
  • The ergonomic advantages are secondary to the incredibly short learning curve.
  • Torres says he thinks Correa faces a very steep learning curve.
  • For the inexperienced user, the learning curve is a long one.
  • The downside to all this potential power is the learning curve.
  • They also remarked that the game has a difficult learning curve.
  • And the sport has a learning curve like an angle iron.
  • The problem is there is no learning curve on nuclear mistakes.
  • He was talking about both team speed and the learning curve.
  • The rest of the world has moved up the learning curve.
  • Their learning curve will directly be tied to Allison and Smolinski.
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