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learning difficulty sentence in Hindi

"learning difficulty" meaning in Hindi
  • Prader Willi is a developmental disorder associated with over-eating and learning difficulties.
  • Jonah has learning difficulties and attends " breakdancing group named Poly Force.
  • AMACR deficiency can cause mental impairment, confusion, learning difficulties, and liver damage.
  • She was an advocate for better services for people with learning difficulties.
  • The school includes a resource base for students with moderate learning difficulties.
  • There is also a school for children with learning difficulties, Kilton Thorpe.
  • It was set up to help students with learning difficulties and disorders.
  • Smith founded the Lab School for children with learning difficulties in 1967.
  • Many of the operators of the presses were adults with learning difficulties.
  • There is also a program for students having behavioral or learning difficulties.
  • They all had learning difficulties and had dropped out of high school.
  • She also collaborated in a local program which helped youths with learning difficulties.
  • The number of pupils with learning difficulties and / or disabilities is average.
  • Even slow readers and children with learning difficulties can't put the stories down.
  • This may include conditions such as dementias or mild learning difficulties.
  • Other specialist colleges cater for students with a particular disability or learning difficulty.
  • Therefore, students become less motivated and have learning difficulties later on.
  • Firth has a learning difficulty that causes short term memory loss.
  • One of the pesticides was reported to have caused learning difficulties in children.
  • Specialist courses are run for adults with learning difficulties or disabilities.
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