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English-Hindi > left lung

left lung meaning in Hindi

left lung sentence in Hindi

• बायाँ फेफडा
• वाम फुप्फुस
left    उलटी तरफ का बायीं
lung    फेफड़ा श्वासी
1.Hardy and his team continued with the transplant of the left lung.

2.Since his surgery, he has had recurring pneumonia in his left lung.

3.Since his surgery, he has suffered recurring pneumonia in his left lung.

4.Doctors tell Egan he shows signs of asbestosis in his left lung.

5.Used in Respiratory system, Pulmonary alveolus, Respiratory tract, Bronchus and Left lung.

6.It damaged the youth's stomach, diaphragm, pancreas, spleen, and lower left lung.

7.Most caecilians have a well-developed right lung and a vestigial left lung.

8.Furthermore, in most snakes the left lung is greatly reduced or absent.

9.His left lung collapsed, and he was covered with scratches, bruises and cuts.

10.He is fighting recurring pneumonia in his left lung and an intestinal infection.

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